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Why graphic design is important for ANY business.

Graphic design is much more than just aesthetics; graphic design is an integral part of the business lifecycle and plays an important role in communication between your business and your audience. When applied effectively, graphic design should; grab the attention, raise awareness, inform and interest, generate desire and prompt action.

Why graphic design is important:


First impressions count

When your clients first look at your literature, whether a website, business card or brochure, you want their first impression to be a positive one. A graphic designers role is to create graphics that install a desire to learn more about the business and brand. As the saying goes ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.


Consistency is key

Once you’ve made a positive first impression it’s vitally important to keep the message consistent. This means making sure that ALL your literature follows the same style. Your graphic designer should be your No1 brand champion and is responsible for your making sure everything is in keeping with your brand guidelines.


Creativity kills competition

When it comes to differentiating your business from the competition, graphic design and branding plays a critical role. By building a strong consistent brand you can build market share and increase margins. Take the popular medication Nurofen for example, this product is identical in composition to generic ibuprofen, however their strong branding and marketing allows them to charge 10x the price for the same product.


A picture paints a thousand words

It’s easy to associate graphic design primarily with marketing however it should work in tandem with all departments in your organisation. One of the great strengths of design is in its ability to turn facts and figures into easy to digest visual items. With the proper use of colour, proportion, and space, information can be transformed into memorable, attention-grabbing persuasive graphics. Annual reports can be enlivened, operational processes visualised, training manuals made engaging, all through the effective use of graphic design.

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