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Transform blank walls with a vivid display of your own style.

Tell your story with bespoke wallpaper, banish magnolia walls in favour of branded, informative and attractive walls that become a showpiece for your company ethos and character.

Wimbledon Business Studio prints durable professional quality wallpaper that can be put up by almost anyone; just paste the wall and hang it like you would at home. Before you know it your office will be transformed!



Our in-house graphic design team is here to help with all your graphic design needs, be it page layout for a catalogue or an eye catching one-off design for a leaflet, poster or banner. Graphic design briefing is one of those things best done face to face so why not book a meeting with one of our design team, we’ll get an understanding of your requirements and provide you with an estimate.

Creating your own design? Is your artwork print ready? Have you got bleed? Is it CMYK? Confused? Download our handy artwork guide to help you out.

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