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Quality Policy

The quality management system of the Company establishes unified requirements and principles in the field of quality for all business units and production facilities.

WIMBLEDON BUSINESS STUDIO is guided by the following principles in the field of quality:


  1. Customer orientation
  • Become a bastion of trust for the existing and future customers.
  • Guarantee the delivery of products in accordance with the relevant requirements.
  • Assess and take steps to improve consumer satisfaction with the quality of products and services.


  1. Leadership of managers
  • Create a positive image of the Company as a supplier.
  • Establish objectives for constant improvement and create conditions for achievement thereof.


  1. Staff
  • Ensure continuous professional development of employees.
  • Train employees in application of modern methods and instruments for continuous improvement.
  • Engage employees in process improvement and build a quality culture in the Company.
  • Improve the employee motivation system.


  1. System and process approaches
  • Manage interconnected business processes as a system.
  • Evaluate process productivity and efficiency for the purposes of improvement thereof.


  1. Continuous improvement
  • Strive for perfection in everything we do.
  • Provide resources and incentives for continuous improvement.
  • Aim efforts at reducing expenses, improving productivity and efficiency of processes.


  1. Well-founded decision-making
  • Make decisions and act on the basis of actual data analysis of product and process characteristics.



Responsibility of the management and dedication of every employee to this Policy are indispensible conditions for the achievement of Wimbledon Business Studio objectives.


Operations Manager, Steve Dixon

Last Reviewed: 30/11/ 18
Next Review: 30/11/ 19
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